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Even though you may experience success in your goals, they will not come easily, you have to earn them.There may also be restriction placed upon you, or extra burdens and responsibility to go along with the personal advancements.You could bump into old friends and make new friends.This can sometime be a good time for negotiations and doing business but only if you are not feeling too rushed or anxious.Other eclipse themes include parenting styles, custody rights, maternity leave and childcare.

Use this to make a fresh start or to confidently set ambitious new goals. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon phase, from December 18 up to the full moon on 1 January 2018.Your energy and initiative is best used by expressing what you want, what your goals are, and getting the ball rolling.January 1 to 16 – Full Moon January 2018 enhances and extends your birthday transit.It offers great potential for love, compassion, peace and forgiveness within your home, family and intimate relationships.December 24 to January 2 – Venus in your decan makes you more loving and affectionate than usual. An increase in charm and personal beauty should make you more attractive and popular.

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